Arthritic Foot Soldiers   formed in 2004 to be on  Gnarly Dude 2! compilation on  Voltage Records.

The 4 track "Texas Idiot" demo got great reviews in the  UK,  US  &Europe  and appeared on compilation all over the world, and  Channel Five  TV are using tracks for a TV show, we signed to  Stranded Records & Voltage Records.

Our debut CD "Tales of a Drunken Generation" has been great reviews and radio play in  UK  (BCB),  US  (Rock Hell Radio),  Europe(Barikada), &  Argentina!

We distributed via  Pro-Sonic PHD, we signed a publishing deal to Sherlock Holmes Music.

Released a 9 track EP "Only Beer Can Save Us Now!" in June 06, and recieved very good reviews

2006 is good year and AFS featured on many punk comp CD's here in the UK as well in the US.

Toured with  The Spit & Sawdust Tour 2006, with  UK Subs, Churchill, Crouch Mog, and many more.

Gnarly Dude 3!   compilation is released 18th September on Voltage Records distributed via  Pro-sonic  &  PHD  which has an exclusive track

NFT   Records   are using 3 tracks, we are going to be the sound track to a audio book called "Compression"

The second full album  Delirium Tremors  is released in October 2007 a 17 track no bullshit approach

May 2008, we paired up with The Bullet Kings with the Prime Cuts EP on a split vinyl.... on Voltage Records

In august 2008  Delirium Tremors  is released in the USA on   Turkey Vulture Records  TVR 00014

We went retro in June 08 with the release of a split 7 inch blue vinyl called " Prime Cuts EP" with   The Bullet Kings

In late August 2008 we will be heading over to the US to record our 3rd album on   Turkey Vulture Records, with " Immature Nobodies"

Our 4th Album " Trash Vegas" is recorded and will be released August 2010 on " Voltage Records"

Our 5th album in Sept 2012 was an acoustic best of entittled "Note To Self" with two new tracks

In 2016 we have been back into the studio to start the recording for a 4 track online EP to be released in 2017


p.s, AFS (Arthritic Foot Soldiers) is the name Sidewalk Skateboarding
Magazine called the skaters (which we are all part off), so that's why we have a stupid name