Hell Fire Jack - Cyborg
COTA - Death Trance
The Omega Era
Yorkshire Rats - Mary Comes First
Modern Day Dukes - Ocrana
Anger Flares -Live at Pressure Drop
Juno - Answers
Randolph Swain - Little House
Liberty Slaves


"ALL HAIL HYENA", "Hell Fire Jack", "New Mills MMA", "The Amber List", & "The Omega Era" were great to start off 2018

The "Modern Day Dukes" is complete, its always a pleasure working with these three


Returning will be "The Omega Era" "1919" & "Hell Fire Jack" then for the first time the "SlaughterHouse Cats" will be next


Yet again its that time of year again to give a big thanks to the bands new and returning and the great people I have worked with this year. :- Circle Of The Absurd, SSR Collage Manchester, Yorkshire Rats, Kill II This, The New Mills MMA, Ray Nicolas, Apocalypse Babys, Tio Rico, Anger Flares, Pressure Drop Studio, Liberty Slaves, Modern Day Dukes, The Working Man, Indelirium Records Italy, Hell Fire Jack.

See you in 2018


Video will be shot in 4K if requested