The Bullet Kings, were formed by chance in August 2006, after we did an impromptu gig as a 3 piece at the end of the Spit & Sawdust Tour.

...The reaction we received from this performance spurred us on to write a whole new set as The Bullet Kings and gig as much as we could.

The line up is:-

Wilf - Bass and main vocals
Andy - Drums
Carl - Guitar - backing vocals

After recording 2 demos that got great reviews we have just finished writting & recording our debut album entittled "Rebels Without Reason" which was released on Casket Records, we got publishing via Sherlock Holmes Music Ltd, and world wide distribution via PHD (Plastic Head Distribution)

Followed by 3 vinyl singles (coloured of course) on Voltage Records and our 2nd album "long Time Dead" again on Casket Records

The albums the shops and I Tunes

If you are a punk label that wants tracks on comp CD's or a promoter that wants to book us, or a band that wants to arrange gigs with us please do contact us at, ( we will gig almost anywhere...) or via our myspace site

Here is a miles covered by The Bullet Kings since we started gigging in 2006

Longest Single Gig Mileage

1st Prague = 2000 miles.
2nd Starnraer = 430 miles.
3rd Glasgow = 426 miles.
4th Norwich = 412 miles

Shortest Radcliffe = 9.4 Miles


Name - Wilf
Age - 44
Influences - Suzie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Frank Sidebottom, The Fall, Eater.
Instrument - Bass / Vocals
Most hated person/s - If I dont like them, I ignore them!
Reason for Living - To wear corduroys
What is punk to you - No boundaries and tolerant of everything
Best gig you have played with The Bullet Kings - The Alma in bolton, any gig were i dont feel part of the band and part of crowd
Worst gig you have played - no had a bad one yet... the worst is yet to come
Venue you would most like to play gig at - Madison Square Gardens


Name - Andy
Age - 42
Influences - UK Subs, being a grumpy cunt! and drinking Stella
Instrument - Drums & cans of Stella!
Most hated person/s - Anybody who's happy........fuck em
Reason for Living - Sex, Stella, Drums, UK Subs , and Curry
What is punk to you- A good time and annoying people.
Best gig you have played with The Bullet Kings- The Colliers Radcliffe
Worst gig you have played - All been great.
Venue you would most like to play gig at - CBGB's supporting UK Subs with their original line-up.

Name - Carl
Age - 43!!!!! bollox.. im middle aged!.
Influences - bands that have a passion in what they do.
Instrument - Guitar / Vocals
Most hated person/s - People in fucking covers bands.
Reason for Living - Having a laugh, playing guitar and having a few beers.
What is punk to you - freedom
Best gig you have played with The Bullet Kings- Has to be The Colliers in Radcliffe
Worst gig you have played - Barnsley .... my amp blew up and i managed to insult a dead guy and his mates by mistake DOH!
Venue you would most like to play gig at - CBGB's NYC RIP