2017 Dec

It is with sadness we learned Wilf our bass played passed away just before Christmas, he will be greatly missed

R.I.P Wilf, sleep well

2013 Feb

Our music has been used in a video for "www.studsandpunks.co.uk"


2013 Jan

Our interview in the German MF.Zine #25 is now available http://www.mf-zine.de/

December 2012

check out the reviews of the german red vinyl split in the reviews section

October 2012

"Street Justice Records" release a limited 7 inch on the 25th October....if you want a copy please contact the lable directly @ http://www.sj-rec.de/

1. Godforsaken Town
2. Arab Spring
3. Gringo



7.The Bullet Kings- Arab Spring
Someone recently described this as standard Oi music, Really? Sorry I don't fuckin agree this is Hard, conscious, rocking Punk and roll, catchy as fuck and spewed out with boulders rather than gravel - LOVE it


In talks with a German label "Street Justice Records" about a limited 7 inch release ....

1. Godforsaken Town
2. Arab Spring
3. Gringo


The Argy Bargy gig @ The Red Lion Burslem was a great night, we are looking forward to playing again


We are back in the studio April 17th recording new track @ Voltage Studios Bradford for Comp CD's

more info soon on song titles and what comps they are included on


Pic's from the 1 in 12


We perform the "Star Wars" theme tune for the SAS movie, it will be played in full on the Phoenix Radio Wednesday 7th March

Also we will be ON Phoenix Radio on the 18th July

Feb 2012

The gig at the 1 in 12 Club Bradford, was great, thanks to all concerned, photos very soon

We are working on new songs for our next album .... more info soon

we are booking gigs at the moment, upcoming gigs are:-

25th Feb 1 in 12 Bradford

5th May supporting "Argy Bargy" @ The Red Lion Burdlem Stoke ST6 1DJ 


November 2011

The Bullet kings are included in the new SAS The Movie ... due out soon


Gigs are being booked for 2012

26th Feb 1 in 12 Bradford

more TBC

October 2011

We are continuing with rehearsals and working on the 3rd album and looking at booking gigs for the new year

more news soon

September 2011

Rehearsals begin again early october and gigs to be anounced in 2012 .......

more details when we have them


ok...... finally got some sense regarding this "banning" of

GEMA the german copyright people have asked youtube for more that the 0.0001 cent per stream and have asked for 0.01 cent per steam

youtube has decided that rather than pay they have BLOCKED all music released with GEMA copyright control.... blanket ban..end off!

but they have deflected the issue by saying there is a copyright infringement on all these songs and say speak to your digital distribution company.... sneaky!

and with the youtube line and i quote “Please note that YouTube does not mediate in copyright disputes” you have no way of approaching them ....

so catch 22


Its and issue with Cherry Red Records, they forgot to explain to IODA Germany when they released the world cup album that there was a NON-exclusive deal between Moriarty Records and themselves

So IODA thought WE didnt have rights ....... WRONG!


The Bullet Kings have been banned in Germany on You tube do to "copyright infringement" with "Raise your Glass for England"

We are still waiting to find out from "youtube" WHY this german company feel they own this song that is published with "sherlock holmes music ltd" here in the UK

more info when we get it.


Some old studio footage

Feb 26th ... 1 in 12 club/ Bradford... FREE entry!!

Doors 7pm

7.30 – Lost Soul
8.10- Bullet Kings
9pm- The Kirkz

9.45 – acid drop



Feb, we will recording most of the new album "National Apathy", and some videos to promote the album

2nd May gig

On Phoenix FM 19th Jan ..... will post the pod cast when it ready


1. Broken England
2. Godforsaken Town

final track listing for the german release

the bullet kings/punk all forms zine -http://www.myspace.com/prhsresourcemusicreview/blog

the bullet kings lead singer undeniabally sounds like wattie buchan from the exploited and their sound reminds me of somewhat of rancid on songs like"talk is cheap"but altogether they definatley sound like rancid and the exploited put together.this band is undeniabally a true old school listen.something to sink your ears and teeth into.i'm pretty sure you will listen over and over again i know i will cause they have a new fan in me.brilliant and a 11!best songs-"talk is cheap"and"brand new disgrace"


We got remixed by the "next room" boys

and a review from the "lights go out" zine The Bullet Kings - Live In Wakefield DVD (Voltage)
I can't stress how good this band really are, stopped in an old school punk feel with an updated sound. The guitars are loud and full of more power than the Scotty dude could ever give to Captain Kirk. Backed some damn fast and impressive drumming, The Bullet Kings are a band to be reckoned with. The songs seem to have a social awareness and offer catchy choruses that you can't help instantly remembering + singing along with. The vocals are brash and snotty just as you'd expect from an older school punk rock band. Really impressed by the sound these fellas can pump out live, the set is fucking tight! Just a shame it doesn't seem like the biggest crowd there, or at least not the noisiest, which sucks. And there's a bonus of three videos. "Godforsaken Town" is a great tune and I love the black and white video. This is one sweet live DVD and The Bullet Kings are a fucking great band!
Mr. T

Limited edition hand numbered CD 1 to 100

1. Broken England
2. Godforsaken Town
3. Terror Holiday - live version
4. Melt Down - live version
5. My Country - acoustic version

Live DVD

the last remaining DVD's of the Wakefield gig

Gig flyer

Frist review from Punk New.org

The Bullet Kings are a trio from the Manchester area of England who specialise in solid, no-thrills punk rock. Musically, they are reminiscent of some of the UK82 type bands but have more in common with the venerable Charlie Harper and the UK Subs, a band to which they have strong links. 

This live DVD was recorded in front of a sparse crowd in Wakefield and the lack of numbers does not diminish the effort the band put into their performance and how this comes across. This is not a one-camera effort with poor sound, as there are a number of views on offer, and a very strong guitar sound comes across that highlights the talents of Carl Arnfield who can also be found plying his trade in other bands such as the Great St Louis and the Arthritic Foot Soldiers. 

Although short, featuring only eight live tracks, you get some of the Bullet Kings’ stronger songs, including a handful off the recent Long Time Deadalbum. Vocally, Wilf has quite a gruff, throaty delivery, although he does his best to hold onto the tunes within the songs. With Andy battering the hell out of his drums, it is left to the aforementioned Carl to show what he can do with six strings. It is without doubt this guitar work that gives this band the little bit extra, with leads well-placed throughout the songs and a really crunching sound. 

Perhaps the strongest track is “Brand New Disgrace,” which sees the band peaking in the live situation, although this is pushed quite closely by “My Country,”a slower song trying to encapsulate the current state of the UK and many other countries. 

Somehow this DVD reminds me of the live video that Hüsker Dü released of their first UK show which was filmed for a regional television station--poor turnout, good sound and showing how a band can show their mettle when almost just playing for themselves. 

In addition to the live tracks, the DVD also features three videos for the songs “Godforsaken Town,” “My Country” and the World Cup song “Raise Your Glass for England.” The first two are done in black and white, which adds to the atmosphere and what the songs are trying to convey. The last one was obviously supposed to assist England win the World Cup this year--it didn’t help much! I do love the shots of the bands playing their instruments in the snow with Andy using a snow shovel as a guitar, though--very amusing. 

As a limited release, this is a quality product which should appeal to those who like their punk with one foot in the eighties and the other in the new millennium. 

The live DVD is back from the pressing plant :)...

Work continues on National Apathy our 3rd album


The Live DVD has gone to the pressing plant

Big Cheese review October 2010

The "Wastelands Ep" tracks are recorded, and mixed ..... mastering to go and then off to the pressing plant

We are 3 songs into our new album "National Apathy" writing process, several more being worked on

It was great to play the "Witchwood" again for Jordans bithday bash, a great day... pics to follow

A short clip from some of the "Wastelands EP" recording .... more footage coming soon


We record the split white vinyl is being planed with US band "Suckered In", 7th and 8th of Aug

1. Broken England
2. Butcher Baber (Plasmatics cover)

Our video "my Country" from the "Long Tine Dead" has had over 20,000 plays

A new split white vinyl is being planed with US band "Suckered In", being record 7th and 8th of Aug

1. Broken England
2. Step Down (cover version of Sick of it All)

Godforsaken Town on Moriarty Records on iTunes now!!!!



Moriarty Records to release "Godforsaken Town".... new video being shot on the 8th JUly

The Bullet Kings - "Raise Your Glass for England" is RELEASED!!!!


Loads of new reviews by Mr T from Lights out zine, check out his web site and zine

"raise your glass for england" is out on Cherry Red Records .... awesome!

Download 'Pretty England' from iTunes
Download 'Pretty England' from Amazon MP3

1 Bermondsey Joyriders - World Cup Football
2 Western Promise - Dance Like Nobby Stiles
3 The Gordon Loncaster Band - Onward England
4 Swagga - The Victory Bus 
5 Marcos D'Cruze - I Don't Like Football
6 The Skatoons - Come On England (The World Cup's Waiting For You)
7 Calvoon - Golden Boys
8 Me My Head - This Time
9 Vivo - This Time (Under African Skies)
10 Da-E-Squad - Go England! 
11 The Bullet Kings - Raise Your Glass For England
12 Alexis Blue - The Winning Goal (Come On England) 
13 Chopper Harris - Nice Guys Finish Last
14 Andy Blade - World Cup Ghost
15 Rubin Cube Vs Spizzenergi - It'll Never Happen (It Could Be This Time)
16 The Grippers - Sing It For The Boys 
17 Three Brians - We Are Eng-Er-Land
18 Raindance - All The Way (With England) (Dance Mix)
19 Public Speech - Messed Up 

More Sugarbuzzmagazine.com reviews of our first and second albums

Sugarbuzzmagazine.com review


The Local press up here in "Pie Land" say this about our world cup song

The new album "Long Time Dead" is at the pressing plant.. we should have it back any day now

our video "My Country" has now had 18000 plays

Pretty England - very alternative independent England anthems on Cherry Red Records

1. Raise Your Glass From England

ok you lot ..... i need a little help!!!!!

we have been included on this web site http://www.worldcupsong.com/ and scoring is from youtube hits!!!!!

you dont have to listen to it ... just play it to boost our rating ... snigger


 cheers :)

The final version ...... enjoy!


we have set up a myspace for the "world cup" song http://www.myspace.com/trvof

Also the digital release is May 10th

And it's only going to be CD and Download, the vinyl has had to be scrapped for now

It was a rather cold few days while we record our lastest recording / video shoot

snow... yawnshooting the vid in the snow

wilf the gravel manthats NOT a guitar .... im a drummer me!

Well here is the test version of the video ... enjoy



Feb 2010

Ok, We record this weekend

1. Raise a Glass For England
2. God Forsaken Town

Feb 2010

The My Country video has had over 17,000 plays .....

Feb 2010

We are booked into the studio to record the "world cup" song and a new B side as well on the 20/21st feb, after that a video of us recording the song will be posted ....

Jan 2010

Ok, so right now we are trying to get the world cup track recording and the b side to the white vinyl release

1. Raise a Glass For England
2. God Forsaken Town


We have been asked to write a track for the "World Cup" by our publishers, for a limited white vinyl pressing and download

More details when we have it


The Bullet Kings - Talk is Cheap (B side)

"If the UK Subs had done it, this is what it would have sounded like"

Charlie Harper, 19th Nov 2009


Our 2nd Album is now mixed and mastered .... being sent out for reviews over the coming weeks

1 - long time dead
2 - saints and sinners
3 - my country
4 - no money no nothing
5 - brand new disgrace
6 - gutter press
7 - fuck you
8 - violence in the city
9 - 7 in '77
10 - a better place



Massive thanks to MASS MOVEMENT Magazine


Nov A Word of Warning

In March 2009 we decided to press up a 7 inch green vinyl single, I approached “ MEDIA SOURCING LIMITED” run my Mr Smales, Andrew J, and decided to pay by credit card for the quickest and fast way to get things pressed.

I was told that the credit card machine wasn’t working, and could I have send a check made payable to Online Music Ventures Ltd , Which I did and that’s where my money disappeared. Media Scouring went bust the next day, hence moving my money somewhere else, which is defrauding the receivers that were in control of his company at the time.

After several emails contacting people in the industry I got hold of his new personal number which I called, he was very surprised to hear from me and said that he was resolve this situation and was very sorry I had been wrapped up in this situation. He never did anything he said on the phone (or email) and I’m still owed over £600.

So we had to pay another pressing company to get the vinyl pressed. So to stop anyway else loosing there hard earned cash DONT use any company run by Andrew Smeals. To this date 9 th Nov he hasn’t set up any new business, but “Online Music Ventures Ltd” also called “Online Music” are taking orders http://www.musicventures.com , so don’t waste your money with this company and please tell anyone that is looking for pressing to go else where. As you know, it is difficult enough as it is in the music industry to make money which it isn’t helped when people steal your money as well.

AVOID this company and person!. .


We have been thinking about doing a very limited release of 4 UK Subs/Harper tracks ...... more info when we have it


The fat lads of punk will be heading to the USA in May 2010 to play the "East Coast Oi Festival



looks like we will be a 10 inch vinyl version of our new album "Long Time Dead"


We are finishing off our album "Long Time Dead" this week, and should be released on "Casket Records" at the start of 2010

1 - long time dead
2 - saints and sinners
3 - my country
4 - no money no nothing
5 - brand new disgrace
6 - gutter press
7 - fuck you
8 - violence in the city
9 - 7 in '77
10 - a better place


Charlie Harper rather enjoying our "green vinyl" version of his track "Saints and Sinner"


Work continues on our album "Long Time Dead" this month, and we aim to finish it on the 7th and 8th october


The Yellow vinyl containing "Long Time Dead" and a cover version of Charlie Harpers "Talk is Cheap" has arrived from the pressing plant

Over the next few months it will be mailed out for review


Some of our artwork is on display at "Art Rocks" at Voltage Studios Bradford till the 26th October


A Massive thanks to Pheonix Radio for having us on air 23rd Sept ... a great night :)

and for playing 7 or our tracks!!!!

1.Terror Holiday
2. Council Kid
3. Talk is Cheap
4. Long Time Dead
5. Gingo
6. Alcohol & Speed
7. Saints & Sinners


We got our first US radio play on DJ Vulgars "The Pit" show over the weekened on www.wildliferadio.com.... thats 80,000 people heard our new single

"Long Time Dead"



Aug and the new t shirt

The yellow vinyl single "Long Time Dead" will be going to the pressing plant this week


As have been added to the "Birds Out Records" comp CD "The Gonzo" with Terror Holiday... cheers guys

free download at http://www.archive.org/details/TheGonzoComp


Phoenix FM will be the first to play the "Long Time Dead" on the 26th Aug on the"Punk and Disorderly" Show
with Steve Blackman


and we will be on the show 23rd Sept for an interview


A newe review of the green vinyl single is out thanks to Override Zine...

This release on green vinyl from Boltons The Bullet Kings is a bit of a treat. The A side "Brand New Disgrace" is a song slagging off Amy Winehouse, but it's the other side where things get interesting. "Saints & Sinner" is a rework of the classic UK Subs song.

When The Bullet Kings asked Charlie Harper if they could do the track, he wrote some new lyrics for it because he wasnt happy with the old ones.

The result are great and Mr Harper even makes an appearance on the intro, Nice Job


The next vinyl will be yellow

Tracks to be confirmed ........


We have booked into Voltage Studios Bradford to finish off our 2nd Album "Long Time Dead" to be released on Casket Records.

The final track listing to be confirmed

We are also recording the B side to the next vinyl single as well ....


This green vinyl is available for only £5.00 which includes post and packaging from:
Andy Rigby,
5 Mere Bank Close,
M28 0AS.

For international orders please contact Andy with a personal message on Facebook or e-mail him: andysubs@aol.com

June 09

The Green Vinyl has ARRIVED

Two new comp CD's out this month with Bullet Kings tracks on

The North UK Punk Vol.2 - You Gotta Lear

Cop Off Vol 2 - Council Kid

June 09

....and a little bootleg video of us from The Colliers


June 09

A massive thats the "the colliers" for making us welcome once again .. always a pleasure

The green vinyl should be back this week... oh yes!!!!!

May 09

Firstly we are sorry the green vinyl is taking longer than we thought, after we had issues with the pressing company,

So we have re sent to vinyl for pressing and we HOPE it is back by June

And here are some recent pics taken at the Ripped Skatepark gig by Tim Punk 4 Life.. cheers Tim


April 09

Well the green vinyl was sent to the pressing plant, so we should expect that back in 3 weeks time

Reviews are starting to show up if you go to the review section

March 09

We will be going to press this week with the green vinyl single

The new NW Punk Comp Vol.2 will be released in april, featuring a new track "We Gotta Learn"

The recordings are now complete, and we will be going to press the last week of march

We will be going to press with the green vinyl in the next few weeks, as a AA sided release

Dec 08

We have been asked to be on the 21st CD of Voltage Studios (Bradford)

October 08

We got a interview in the October issue


Sept 08

My Country is now on iTunes for 79p


Aug 08

We are finishing of the A side of the new single this week "Brand New Disgrace" which will be on green vinyl
and limited to 300 copies

Also in the 2 years we have been gigging we have notched up a grand total of 6090 miles

July 08

We will be playing at Crooked Billet, Birkenhead, with Blitzkrieg on the 1st Aug .. this coming Friday

Also... looks like the next single will ne on green vinyl, with a brand new track, "Brand New Disgrace". with a very special B side, that we will tell you about later in august.

July 08

Many thanks to The Witton Chimes at Northwich for a great night, we will be back

July 08

We are off to play the Czech rep. to play the Happy Days Festival.... :)

July 08

Looks like Mike Sweeney from the Salford Jets will be guesting on our new album "Long Time Dead", more details in a few weeks

June 08

We will be doing an interview with Rock Radio 106.1 in Manchester very soon, more info when we have it.

Also on July 10th we will be recording some new tracks ... more info then

June 08

We will be adding a track to this comp CD, it should be a brand new track... we hope , also on the CD will be:-

The Bullet Kings,
Middle Finger Salute,
The Inadequates,
Sense of Urgency,
One Man Stand
The Great St Louis
The Spitting Dummies,
The Hyperjax,
The Shadow Cops,
Flat Back Four,

The Fractions......

We are on stage at 4pm on the 22nd July at the happy days fest in the Czech Rep.

June 08

We will be off to play in the Czech Rep. in July as part of some festival, more details when we have them

May 08

Its Arrived!!!!! ... on black... not blue?.... (blue ones on there way)

We are gigging this weekend Sat 3rd at the Thatched House with the UK Subs

The Prime Cuts EP should be back from the pressing plant on the 20th May

April 08

Here is the video for the new single "my country" which will be a download from iTunes 23rd June


Great to play the SAS 3 dayer over the weekend of the 12/13th April

Big thanks to Blitzkrieg who we gigged with on sunday 7th April, we look foward to gigging with you more in the future.

March 08

A big thanks once again to the colliers arms in radcliffe for making us so so welcome once again ... we cant wait to play there again

We have filmed the video for "My Country", the new i-Tunes download for a May release. the video is to be edited so it should be on you tube in a months time.


Here is a bootleg live video of "Words", from the Star & Garter gig a few weeks ago

We have been writing new tracks for the 2nd album Long Time Dead, which means we have just about all the tracks we need to record and release the album by the end of the year.

We will be filming the video for the new i-Tunes download on march 24th "My Country" in Yorkshire, for a May release.

We are putting "Council Kid" on a new SAS / Slit Records Comp CD, more info when we have it.

We have finsihed our side of Split 7 inch Prime Cuts EP with AFS This will be on sale only at gigs and mail order via Voltage Records

The tracks are :-

1. Gutter Press
2. My Country (Radio edit)
3. Fuck You!

We have been asked to be on Dead Lamb 3 comp CD, we think we will be adding "Gutter Press"

We have recording the Split 7 inch EP with AFS (1st March) entittled Prime Cuts EP which will be on blue vinyl on the and will be released on Voltage Records in May 08

The tracks will be :-

1. Gutter Press
2. My Country (Radio edit)
3. Fuck You!


Feb 08

We will be recording the Split 7 inch EP with AFS entittled Prime Cuts EP on blue vinyl on the 1st March, and will be relased
on Voltage Records in May 08

The tracks will be :-

1. Gutter Press
2. My Country (Radio edit)
3. Fuck You!

Feb 08

We are on the cover CD of the Cop-Out Magazine, with "Punk Not Profit"

Big thanks to Dogsflesh & Stuntface for there support at the Shay on saturday night, sorry we had to rush off to The Castle Manchester for the 10pm gig

Massive thanks to the crowd / promoters at The Lochan Inn, Starnraer, BAR2 The Brickmakers in Norwich and The Star & Garter Manchester, pics to follow very soon.

Work has started on our new album "Long Time Dead", it's looking like a 15 tracker.

We will be playing in Scotland this saturday 9th at The Lochan Inn, Starnraer

Jan 08 - The flyer for the Subhumans gig we are doing, 14th Feb

Jan 08 - Big thanks to AFS (Acoustic Foot Soldiers) & Middle Finger Salute for the support at the Blue Boar Bolton
and to the crowd once again for making us very welcome. Munki did us proud with his version of "Rebel", cheers Munki.

Jan 08 - We will playing with AFS (Acoustic Foot Soldiers- Munki & CJ) at the Blue Boar Bolton with support from
Middle Finger Salute Friday 18th Jan

Jan 08 - Sorry if you turned up to see us at The Weavers Arms, the landlady cancelled the gig

Jan 08 - We are playing The Weavers Arms in Bolton with AFS on Sat 12th Jan


Dec 07 - Well The Bullet Kings would like to wish ever fanzine, magazine, venue, and above anyone that came to see us
a great xmas and new year... see you lot in 2008.

Dec 07 - We will be releasing a Split 7 inch EP with AFS entittled Prime Cuts EP on blue vinyl

The tracks will be :-

1. Gutter Press
2. My Country (Radio edit)
3. Fuck You!

There will not be a A and B side .. just a Fat & Thin side ..... guess what side The Bullet Kings are on!

We will record the EP on the same day with AFS, just make it more fun in the studio.... pics will be posted

Dec -07 A Massive thanks to The Colliers Radcliffe for one of the best gigs we have ever done... cant wait to get back thereDec -07 We will be up in Motherwell this saturday 8th at the Fat Fest... we should fit right in there!
and then a local gig Sunday with AFS in Radcliff.

Dec - We have been back in the studio to start the 2nd album "Long Time Dead"

we recorded

7 in 77
My Country
We Gotta Learn
A Better Place
Nov - We have our new t shirts ....

Nov - pics by Runcorn Rich, of the Preston gig

Preston 07Preston 07Preston 07

and a review of the album from punk and oi UkTHE BULLET KINGS - Rebels Without Reason (Casket Music)

Debut album from the band formed out of the ashes of Churchill who, amongst their ranks, have the seemingly very busy man Carl on guitar (he also plays guitar for A.F.S and Worm amongst others). As debut albums go this is cracking stuff and from a bunch of blokes the wrong side of 30 it’s not as cliched as you may think it would be. Tales of northern housing estate life vie with the ups and downs of drink and drugs and if you’re singing along by the 2nd listen you must be deaf!! The production on this c.d. could show a few more established bands what they could achieve instead of banging any old rubbish out ( no names mentioned!!!!) If tuneful streetpunk with the odd nod to Ramones is your thing you won’t go far wrong with this but for me the stand out track is the title one- a Pogueish drunken tale about one mans quest for drink, complete with string arrangement, shines like a really shiny thing in a shiny shop with a chorus most bands would wish they had written. I for one hope this band can keep this up as if this c.d. is anything to go by good things could be round the corner. For more details go to http://www.thebulletkings.com/ or www.myspace.com/thebulletkings
5 out of 5

Review by Paul Nov - we were one the of the featured bands/ album on Hum Drums pod cast... go take a listen Hum Drum Punk

Nov - and another review of the album

THE BULLET KINGS - REBEL WITHOUT REASON Belligerently bellowing with fangs bared the opening 'Terror Holiday' snarls in with razor sharp violence and splatters the eardrum inside out with brutal malevolence. 'Council Kid' is a more dignified affair but reinforces the heady standard set so early on and the aggression is retained as the blood stained doors are kicked open and the political 'Friday Night Nazi' is delivered with the virulent infection the Bullet Kings strive so hard to master (and to a greater degree achieve). No lyrics included for this one though - mistake or cute move - you decide!'Private Death' is another notch up with a more textured sound as the guitar rolls along in smoothly changing arrogance and the matter of fact chorus sticks in the grey matter like a festering pustule.'London Town' will be adored by the riff lovers with perhaps the more critical claiming a cornball in the mix. Nonetheless its a fine song that is another feather in the BK's twatty Russian cap (some photos explain the use of 'twatty') but with fear of extreme pedanticity I would have preferred the chant of 'London Town' to be more northerly and suggest 'Manchester' as an option.'Not For Me' is the toffee hammer in a toolbox of skull busting armoury. It still has a bite but its up against some mighty weaponry so there you go. 'Punk Not Profit' I hated, debated then liked. Yeah its another good tune that has the best lyrical message on the CD - excellent stuff.'Words' is a gem which is pacey, tuneful, very effective in all deparatments and is a real flag flying victory for this fine band. The nail is well and truly hit on the head.'Waster' is like a cheap firework - you wait with baited breath for an impressive explosion but end up with a deflated drone. Why is it part of the product is beyond me? The fact that it is sandwiched between two crackerjacks only highlights its insipidity and limitations. With the aforementioned 'Words' on one side and the fuckin' excellent 'Meltdown' on the other we have what is known as a boo-boo. Incidentially it has come to my attention that many people like 'Waster' so that's opnions for you - waste of bloody time ha ha.On to 'Meltdown' and again a right ripping riot that reeks of rabid punk rock and it is in essence nothing more. And why should it be when the standard is so high.'Truth' is overwhelmed by its more showy comrades but is worth some effort. 'Porno Pig', 'Riot' and 'Alcohol And Speed' are a trusted triumvirate of pre-released masterstrokes with each one being a manifestation of the BK's expressive and talented mannerisms. 'Riot' is the quintessential pogo-a-gogo and operates beautifully with its lyrically succinct chorus.Despite the superfluous opening drum roll 'Rebel Without A Reason' is a sobering shanty with some fiddle and fuck peripheral overtones that works a treat. It is a rolling yarn that has a squarrose enough feel to it to be enjoyed by the most ardent punker.'Now And Then' stinks of plagarism but my aging mind can't grasp the roots of this conundrum so I guess there goes the legal action ha ha. I'm sure its an original idea but its just one of those songs you think you have heard a thousand times before. Some definite comparisons but this old fucker just can't scrape em' to the fore - bugger it! It is in fact a potentially discordant mess but it is just held gloriously in check and is definitely my type of tune. A deftly disruptive coot that is followed by the elegant swan 'Skrew The World' a real joyous finally.Overall a solid sonic burst from a band only just past its first birthday. With a tireless workrate and an abundance of untapped talent the next one should be better and is already being worked upon - now that is very scarey.Everyone should try this and it has enough variation to pose questions for all and to be enjoyed by all.

Nov - We are continuing to write new tracks for the 2nd album, so far we have :-
1. Seven in '77
2. Petrol Head
3. You Gotta Learn
4. A Better Place
5. No Excuses
6. The Only Ones
7. Stay in Bed
8. Dont Judge (I'm a better man)
9. My Country
10. Gutter Press
11. Lock 'em Up

Nov - We have 2 gigs this month

Nov 9th 2007
The Yorkshire House, Lancaster
Nov 12th 2007
The Dog & Partridge, Preston with AFS

Oct - Recieved the first review on the album from No Front Teeth

THE BULLET KINGS – ‘REBELS WITHOUT REASON’ Debut full-length following 2 EPs earlier this year from THE BULLET KINGS that features Carl from A.F.S. who represent the same old school attitude that blends aggression and melody but THE BULLET KINGS have a much rawer edge and a slightly more American approach with early NOFX-style long chords. Again, as with A.F.S., I hear a strong LEATHERFACE influence but with a more straight-forward later ‘70’s UK punk feel. Maybe a touch of earlier SNUFF in here too and the overall sound is raw and gritty which I really like, it’s got this energetic wildness to it too that I really go for. Catchy and straightforward punk rock, the way it should be.Casket Music / Copro Productionswww.coproproductions.co.ukOct - We will be on some new Casket Comp CD's ... more details when we have them Oct - We will be playing this Thursday at the Alma Bolton with AFS and Forced Entry and Saturday at 5pm at Marigolds in Darwin.Oct - We will be putting a track on Liberty City Music, track Council Kid Oct - The Album has arrived and is being sent out for review.

Oct - We are finishing off the new tracks for the next album "Long Time Dead", for Casket Records, they are:-
1. Seven in '77
2. Petrol Head
3. You Gotta Learn
4. A Better Place
5. No Excuses
6. The Only One
7. Stay in Bed
8. Dont Judge (better man)
9. My Country
10. Gutter Press
11. Lock 'em Up

Sept - We will NOT be playing the "3 Tons" in Edinburgh on the 29th SEPT due to CLOSURE!

Sept - We will playing at The Blue Boar Friday 28th with Phobia, then on the 29th up to Scotland to play the "3 Tons" in Edinburgh with The Square Peg, then 30th 2007 at Rockers Glasgow

Sept - We have started writing tracks for the next release, we are unsure if we will write a full album or just a enough tracks for the EP / mini album.

Sept - Rumor has it that we will be supporting GBH in the near future, more details when we have it.Sept - Our next gig is The Strummer gig at The Witchwood Ashton on Sunday 23rd in the afternoon, and then The Royal Oak / Poulton Le Fylde part of the SAS Tour 07 in the evening

We do have some badges .... so if you see us at a gig .. ask us for one

Sept - Once again it was great to play the thatched house on the SAS tour, and what an amazing experiance playing in a in the middle of the forest in Dumfries .... see pic

Aug - The Album has been sent to the pressing plant, so we the release date will be in Nov, the final track listing is Terror Holiday
Council Kid
Friday Night Nazi
Private Death
London Town
Not For Me
Punk Not Profit
Porno Pig
Alchol & Speed
Rebel Without Reason
Now & Then
Skew The World

Aug - Next gig is at The Thatched House with the SAS Tour...

Aug - massive thanks to Phobia for the first gig in 22 years on the 22nd, roll on The Blue Boar!, and The Reunions for letting us support them @ The Moses Gate (Farnworth Bolton) on the 23rd. Aug - Next gigs will be August 22nd at The Castle Manchester with Phobia and 23rd at The Moses Gate (Farnworth Bolton) with The Reunions

Aug - We are hopeful that the album will be completed by the 24th Aug, which means it will be in the shops in Nov.
Aug - We are running a comp to see who can guess at our combine weight to win a copy of the album.. e mail carnfield@yahoo.co.uk with your answers untill sept

10th Aug - Our next gig is August 16th at the TK Bar Bardford with SwallowAug - Big thanks to PIke for a great set at the Yorkshire house, also we recorded the set so we hope to be adding a few live tracks to the myspace site.

Aug, The gig at The West Coast Blackpool, with Swallow August 3rd 2007 has been cancelled ... nowt to do with us

July - the tracks that will be on the debut new album "Rebels Without Reason" are :- (but not final running order)

Terror Holiday
Council Kid
Not For Me
Rebal Without Reason - A Drunken Lullaby
Friday Night Nazi
Now & Then
Skrew The World
London Town
Porno Pig
Alcohol and Speed
Punk Not Profit
Private Death
Violence in the City

We will be back in the studio recording some new tracks in the next few months for the next release. July - Our album is is almost finished, just finishing off the mixing in the next few week, July - .... and once again we got "Rebel" on the July Pod cast from Hum Drum Punk, cheers

July - Seems we are on the play list for the web radio station Hum Drum Punk, they are playing "Riot" more info when i have it.

July - We have a few weeks to rehearse some of our new ideas, "7 in 77", "Another", "Petrol Head" and a few untittled tracks what we have been working on, these will be for the follow up EP later in the year.

June - We will be recording Dave Ruby from the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to play Viola and Rob Hazelhurst from AFS to play Brodrum on Rebal Without Reason - A Drunken Lullaby and the album "Bright Lights & Beer" is finished.!!!!!, and we are hoping the release will be Sept.

June - A massive thats the Big Woodys Skate Shop, Swallow, CSOD for a great night, shame the venue didnt allow swearing.... WANKERS!..... not that stoped us!June - We will be playing at the 5 year aniverary of "Big Woodys Skate Shop" this week, in good old Poulton Le Fylde, with them loverly ladys Swallow...

June - We will be playing the Blue Boar in Bolton on the 16th (with Criminal Record) we will be playing a few new tracks "Council Kid", "Truth" & "Waster"

June - We had a great time in the studio we managed to record 7 tracks in total for the album, mixing will be done in the coming weeks,

June - This month we will be recording our debut album "Bright Lights & Beer" for Casket Records London The last remaining tracks to be recorded on the album are :-

Council Kid
Not For Me
Rebal Without Reason - A Drunken Lullaby
Friday Night Nazi
So with the tracks we have already recordedTerror Holiday
Skrew The World
London Town
Porno Pig
Alcohol and Speed
Punk Not Profit
We will be putting a track on the "Manchester Punks" comp CD in the near future


Last week (May) we will be playing Thursday 31 May- Blackpool at the Blue Rooms with Swallow (awesome gig, great venue)
Friday 1st

June- Bolton at The Blue Boar, Where was everyone?
Saturday 2nd

June- Manchester at The Castle at The Punx Picnic... CRACKING GIG! Some pics from the Blue Boar gig the other moth taken my Kezy from the mighty Swallow... cheers Kezy

May - The Castle Manchester gig was great ... really looking forward to playing the Punx Picnic there in a few weeks We are now playing the Nice N Sleazy Festival Weekend Morecambe on May 25 at 7.10pm on the FRIDAY NIGHT....We are playing the Punx Picnic

May - We will be playing at The Castle Manchester 24th and the Blue Rooms Blackpool 31st with Swallow


Apr - Massive thanks to Punkee Duck Promotions fo having us play at his gig at the Windmill in Bythe, great night, and another massive thanks to Swallow for a great support set on saturday night... fucking awesome girls!

Apr - AFS will not be supporting us at The Blue Boar on the 28th due to family issues, but Swallow, the all girl band from Blackpool have kindly said they will fill the slot.

Apr - This months Burnout with our interview and 5 track (free) CD is now available, including a unreleased track from the forthcoming album "Bright Lights & Beer".

Apr - Would like to say a massive thanks to Koncept who we have been gigging with, we are looking forward to gigging with you in Belgium.Apr - Writing continues on our debut album and new tracks are coming thick and fast, "Not For Me", "Rebel Without Reason" "Friday Night Nazi"and "Parasites" will be part of the set very soon, we are back in Voltage Studios June 5th / 6th to record the remainder of the album "Bright Lights & Beer".Apr - This week we will playing in Bolton Friday at the Alma with Koncept (from Belgium), and Bradford Exchange on the Saturday also with Koncept.


Mar - 07 We will be playing this coming Friday 23rd at The Star & Garter opening up for the Argy Bargy lot ...

Mar - 07 Apologies for the cancellation of The Blue Boar gig on the 17th March, due to equipment failure on the Friday night gig in barnsley we were unable to play, we will rearrange the gig with the Blue Boar and re post details.

Mar -07 The photoshoot went well in Bolton town centre on the 14th March, and we hope to be using them as promo for the press as well as some on the myspace site. A big thanks to Richard Lunt for his hard work and making us laugh so much and Ilean at the buss stop for being a great sport.

Mar - 07 WE will be releasing our debut album on Casket Records London, which means world wide distribution with PHD, Also we have now got publishing with Sherlock Holmes Music Ltd.

Mar 07 - 14th, will be having a photo shoot around Bolton ... so if you see us come say hello, the photographer is Richard Lunt.

Mar 07 - We will be playing at FOPP Records in Manchester date 22nd August as a launch gig for our album, and later that evening at The Castle in Manchester .... more info when we have it.


Feb 07 - We have just completed a interview with Burnout Zine, not sure when this is going to be in print, but looks like we will be on the cover CD including a new track.... more details when i have them

Feb 07 - The recording at Voltage Studios Bradford, went really well, and Punk Not Profit! (which incidentally was written night before the recording), is now a downloadable track on our Myspace site ... so go check it out.

Feb 07 - We are back in the studio this month starting to record our debut album "Bright Lights & Beer" , tracks we will be recording are :- London Town, Skrew The World, Terror Holiday, Now & Then and maybe a track called Punk Not Profit!.


Jan 07 - We are looking at getting a gig at the Dublin & Castle in Camden London.... so keep checking our gig page. Jan 07 - We will be heading back into the studio to record 6 more tracks in Feb, thies tracks will be for the debut album, but you never know we might just post one of them on the Myspace site .... we will keep you informed.

Jan 07 - Apologies to anyone that showed up at the Moses Gate / Farnworth 14th Jan to watch us with AFS, the gig was cancelled due to the promoter.

Jan 07 - We very much enjoyed our Hope & Anchor (Islington) London on the 9th Jan, great venue. Jan 07 - Recording is underway for the debut album "Bright Lights and Beer", and we are back min the studio 14th Feb to record 5 or 6 new tracks, we are not sure when the release date will be or on what record label as yet, we will keep you up dated.