Split white vinyl 7 inch (German Release) 2012

1. Godforsaken Town

2. Arab Spring

3. Gringo


    Punk Britannia  

This is Why We Do It!

Arab Spring




Live @ Wakefield DVD

1.Terror Holiday
2. Not For Me
4. My Country
5.Council Kid
6.Brand New Disgrace
7.Melt Down
8.Alcohol & Speed

plus 3 studio videos
1. Godforsaken Town
2. My Country
3. Raise Your Glass For England


1. Godforsaken Town

ON iTunes NOW!!!



World Cup song - CD / download Moriarty Records May 2010

1. Raise Your Glass From England
2. Raise Your Glass From England (radio edit)

i Tunes link


Pretty England - very alternative independent England anthems.

1. Raise Your Glass From England


Free CD (2010)

1 - long time dead


Long Time Dead - being mixed Nov 09, released Spring 2010

1 - long time dead
2 - saints and sinners
3 - my country
4 - no money no nothing
5 - brand new disgrace
6 - gutter press
7 - fuck you
8 - violence in the city
9 - 7 in '77
10 - a better place

7 inch yellow vinyl

A Side - Long Time Dead

B Side - Talk is Cheap
(Charlie Harper track from 1983)



7 inch green vinyl / Voltage Records / spring 09

A Side,
1. Brand New Disgrace

AA Side,
1. Saints And Sinners (feat. Charlie Harper)


The Gonzo Compliation

Terror Holiday

http://www.archive.org/details/TheGonzoComp free download


Cop Off Vol.2 Copro Records (Casket)

1. Council Kid



The North UK Punk Vol. 2 / Voltage records

1. You Gotta Learn


The Best of Voltage Studios / spring 09




'Sod The Neighbours'Comp / Dig That Groove Records

1. Terror Holiday


Northwest UK Punk /Voltage records

1. Gringo


with :-Sick56, The Bullet Kings,  Middle Finger Salute,  The Inadequates,   
Sense of Urgency, One Man Stand
, The Great St Louis, The Spitting Dummies,
The Shadow Cops, AFS, Flat Back Four,
The Fractions ....

My Country (I Tunes Download)

1. My Country

Direct Buy Link

taken from the Prime Cuts EP 

Fungal SkaPunka

1. Council Kid


SAS / SLIT Records

1. Council Kid


Lambination 3 / Dead Lamb Records

1. Gutter Press


Prime Cuts EP
Split 7 inch EP with AFS

1. Gutter Press
2. My Country (Radio edit)
3. Fuck You!

Release will be in late spring 2008


Prime Cuts EP (on black vinyl)
Split 7 inch EP with AFS

1. Gutter Press
2. My Country (Radio edit)
3. Fuck You!

Going around and around on my turn table


Cop-Out Magazine Cover CD Compilation 8

1. Punk Not Profit

A punk track on a very METAL album!!!!

2007 Liberty City Records

1.Council Kid

North West UK comp



2007 Slit Records Comp CD

1. Punk Not Profit

looks like a great label www.split.me.uk

2007 Hum Drum Punk web radio station (July Pod Cast)

1. Rebel Without Reason ... (unfinished mix)


2007 Hum Drum Punk web radio station (June Pod Cast)

1. Riot


saying we are a new breed of punk
          Downloads / Comp CD's  

1. Punk Not Profit! (Myspace) Feb 07

A track wrote the night before a studio 
session and only for Myspace fans at the
  Rebels Without Reason       Nov 2007 on Casket Records  

Direct buy link


Terror Holiday
Council Kid
Friday Night Nazi
Private Death

London Town

Not For Me
Punk Not Profit
Porno Pig
Alcohol and Speed

Rebal Without Reason - A Drunken Lullaby
Now & Then
Skrew The World

Debut album release date November 2007, on Casket
Records London. from forming the band to finishing
the album was less than a year.

May 2007 West of Scotland Comp CD

1. Riot

DIY release from over the border
  Fungal Punk
Underdogs Vol 1
      May 2007  

1. Alcohol and Speed

Limited to 100 copies for Fungal Punk .co.uk first 
release (Manchester UK) taken from debut album 
"Rebels without Reason"* on Casket Records
  Burnout Zine
Cover CD
      April 2007  

1. Riot *
2. London Town *
3. Porno Pig *
4. Alcohol and Speed *
5. Words

Limited to 100 copies cover CD for Burnout
(Blackburn Lancs) includes new track
"London Town" from debut album "Bright
Lights and Beer
"* on Casket Records
  Crash Mad EP       Dec 2006  

1. Porno Pig
2. Alcohol and Speed
3. Meltdown

self release demo, written and recorded
in a matter of weeks Porno Pig,
see reviews page
  Porno Pig EP     Nov 2006  

1. Riot,
2. Words
3. Private Death
4. Violence in the City

self release demo.

Written recorded in a matter of weeks,see
reviews page